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Posts Tagged ‘myspace’

71 Percent Say They Can’t Live Without Facebook

Posted by TeamITI on July 15, 2009


Could you survive without your social networks?

Perhaps underestimating their own ability to adapt — or pick up a telephone — just 29% of Facebook and LinkedIn users say they could “probably do without” the popular networks, according to a new study by Anderson Analytics.

Apparently a somewhat less vital recourse, 35% of the 5,000 U.S. social media users surveyed in May said they could do without MySpace, while a more modest 43% thought life still worth living without Twitter.

Under 35, people rely on social networks for “fun” and contacting friends, while older consumers increasingly view them as indispensable for staying in touch with family and close friends. Correspondingly, the majority — 75% — said Facebook was their most valuable network, followed by 65% who cited MySpace. Only 30% said the business centric LinkedIn was their most valuable network, followed by the 12% who gave it up to Twitter.

“Our research shows that Facebook users clearly understand the value of their network,” said Tom Anderson, managing partner of Anderson Analytics.

Participation in the social media realm is a crucial instrument to maintain and grow your marketshare!

Read here for more revealing statistics from this research study.

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Social media sites – a couple of them you may not know

Posted by TeamITI on February 21, 2009

The more places that you can place your content and links… the more chances that Google and your prospects have to find you. Besides the well known MySpace and Facebook sites, there are several small and powerful social media sites that you can use to extend your brand and build consumer interest.

Also consider participating on pages that don’t belong to you by posting comments to posts and articles that concern your products and services (with link back to your website).

The following is just a small sample.


Travel/Tourism related examples:

facebook (free membership required to see pages)

Travel/Tourism related examples:

Travel/Tourism related examples:

Travel/Tourism related examples:


Travel/Tourism related examples:


Digg is made up of small sets of interests and is mostly focused on technology. However, you can use it for your travel/tourism related content and information. Even though your information may be buried and not gain much popularity, links posted here can dramatically influence your Google rankings.

As I poked around a little, I found an interesting link that compares various state tourism websites:


Travel/Tourism related examples:


Travel/Tourism related examples:

Travel/Tourism related examples:

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