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Posts Tagged ‘mobile ads’

Executives expect Big Mobile Ads Gains in 2010

Posted by TeamITI on January 5, 2010

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A new survey reveals, that mobile executives see big ad gains in 2010:

Nearly half of mobile industry executives and analysts in a new survey expect mobile ad spending to double this year, while almost one-third expect it to grow by 200%. That’s quite a bullish outlook. The survey by mobile consulting and research firm Chetan Sharma on 2010 predictions also covered topics including app stores, tiered pricing and mobile payments.

The continued growth of mobile data worldwide is expected to be the top mobile story in 2010, followed closely by the new Google phone and Android, with the rumored Apple tablet computer rounding out the top three.


What devices other than phones will be big? Netbooks were cited by 41%, followed by e-readers (21%), and tablets (15%). And Motorola was the company pick as “comeback kid” in 2010, outpacing others like Microsoft, Nokia and Sprint by a wide margin.

One area where industry executives were not optimistic was the wireless carriers’ own app stores. Almost half (47%) predict they will lose steam this year and 26% by next year. Only 20% believed carriers’ branded app storefronts will be around for a long time.

On the regulatory front, the mobile industry doesn’t appear overly concerned with a more aggressive Federal Communications Commission under Chairman Julius Genachowski. Nearly 70% said the FCC’s national broadband plan to be submitted to Congress in February either won’t have any impact until the courts rule on it, or it won’t matter anyway.

Read the entire article here!

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Mobile Is A Separate Channel

Posted by TeamITI on July 17, 2009

cellphonesA new study from Universal McCann, reported in, finds that one out of every seven minutes of media consumption today takes place via mobile devices.

The study found that 80% of smart-phone users are satisfied with the quality of the Internet on their mobile devices.

19 million mobile Web users in the U.S access the Internet on a weekly basis, with mobile usage expected to grow by 60% over the next two years. According to the respondents:

  • 95% said they used mobile media to fill downtime
  • 82% said they use it at work
  • 81% while shopping
  • 80% at home
  • 65% while commuting to their jobs

The study concludes that those activities create an opportunity for marketers to transition with consumers as they move from activity to activity throughout the day. Among specific activities,

  • 73% of respondents reported searching for maps and directions
  • 55% said they participated in social networking or sought out restaurant and movie listings or reviews
  • 44% reported seeking national news and information
  • 55% of mobile users follow brands across multiple media
  • 56% said they have been driven to mobile from other media
  • 42% said they have been driven from mobile to other media

Graeme Hutton, director of consumer insights at UM, says that “Mobile is a separate channel” that allows marketers to talk to consumers wherever they go. And he notes that mobile users are surprisingly accepting of advertising, saying that:

  • 38% of respondents said they had taken action based on mobile ads
  • 30% said mobile ads had led them to share information
  • 22% said mobile ads had influenced a purchase decision

The study shows that  27% of the respondents said that they were “completely focused” when using mobile, slightly lower than the 33% who reported being completely focused when surfing the Web on computers, but higher than TV, newspapers and magazines (all less than 20%) and radio (6%).

Read more about it in Media Week.

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Pullback of Ad Dollars and Mobile Devices Seen as Most Disruptive Forces in Media Today

Posted by TeamITI on February 10, 2009

mobilemediaMedia and advertising execs expect more than a quarter of media time and spending to move away from traditional channels, while mobile and social media advertising seen gaining steam

NEW YORK, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Media and advertising professionals say the pullback of ad dollars and mobile devices becoming personal computers are the most disruptive forces in media today, according to a recent survey by KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax and advisory firm. With media time and spending seen moving away from traditional channels, attention to social media and mobile consumption is expected to increase.

In polling more than 200 media, marketing and advertising executives, KPMG found that 49 percent of respondents indicated that the pullback of advertising dollars is the most disruptive force in media today, followed closely by mobile devices becoming personal computers (40 percent). KPMG conducted the survey in collaboration with AlwaysOn, the venture capital new media organization.

The KPMG survey also found that some 75 percent of executives predict that advertisers will move more than a quarter of media time and spending away from traditional channels in the next five years, while social networks and mobile marketing are expected to see increased activity. In fact, 47 percent of respondents indicate that the biggest lesson learned from President Obama’s use of social media while campaigning is that social networks can powerfully grab mindshare in society at large. While the marketing and branding power of social networking is expected to be increasingly harnessed in the future, 61 percent of executives indicate that fewer than 30 percent of ad agencies have a plan in place to leverage the medium for their clients.

“The rapid evolution of new media channels, coupled with the economy’s downward impact on marketing and advertising budgets, is creating opportunities for brand execs to develop a new formula in reaching consumers,” said Brian Hughes, KPMG Partner based in Philadelphia and Co-Leader of the Venture Capital Practice. “These execs realize that they must properly blend all forms of media at their disposal, including the growing social media and mobile device platforms.”

With regard to mobile marketing, KPMG found that 65 percent of executives say media companies currently adapt less than a quarter of their content for mobile consumption, while 27 percent believe the current content adaptation rate is between 26 and 50 percent. However, 87 percent of respondents say media companies will move more content for mobile consumption in the next two years.

The greatest marketing opportunity for mobile is location-based advertising, according to 48 percent of respondent to the KPMG survey. Games and video are also seen as opportunities, each receiving 14 percent of the vote. The majority of investment in mobile applications is expected to come from venture capital, and the monetization of those applications is expected to come by way of advertising.

“Social networking and mobile marketing are just two of the relatively new media forms to enter the marketing mix, but they are already showing just how integral they will be in the near future,” continued KPMG’s Hughes. “Not only will these new forms of media continue to see increased utilization by marketers and advertisers in the near future, but they will continue to capture increasing attention from the investment community.”

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Mobile Messages Gain Awareness

Posted by TeamITI on November 3, 2008

Text is tops as 100 million-plus people are exposed to ads

NEW YORK Awareness of mobile ads has accelerated, per the new Limbo-GfK Technology Advertising Report being released this week. A record 104 million people (or an estimated four in 10 Americans) recalled seeing an ad on their mobile device between July and September — the highest mark since the report was introduced last year.

“Brands are doing more with mobile, spending more,” said Rob Lawson, founder of Limbo, a mobile social networking community. “Only two years ago they didn’t see it as a channel where they would see ads. Now they are increasingly aware. One hundred and four million isn’t the same as TV, but the audience is significant.” The survey was based on responses from 1,000 adults polled via the phone.

Text messaging proved to be the most commonly viewed form of mobile advertising. Sixty million Americans saw a text ad, a 42 percent increase from just nine months ago. “It’s not as glamorous as mobile video, but mobile is still dominated by text. It’s the medium consumers use every day,” said Lawson. Marketers are also embracing text campaigns “because in tight economic times, direct response [media] hold steady or go up.”

Thirty-one million people, meanwhile, viewed mobile Web ads. Despite its smaller reach, companies like Procter & Gamble and American Express are most interested in purchasing mobile banner ads, said John Hadl, CEO of Brand in Hand, which handles mobile buys for both. “It has surpassed SMS as the mobile ad medium of choice. Mobile ads have arrived.”

Men (57 percent) were more likely to view an ad on their mobile device. Fifty-two percent are between the ages of 35-64 and most (68 percent) were Caucasian. It’s not just about early adopters anymore, said Lawson. “As mobile matures as a medium, you can see the demographic profile flattening to look more like the population.”

-By Kenneth Hein, Brandweek

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