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Posts Tagged ‘text messaging’

Ford Takes on Texting While Driving With Audible SMS

Posted by TeamITI on July 7, 2010

Ford Motor Company has announced a round of updates to its SYNC technology that promotes safer alternatives to texting while driving.

New MyFord Touch-equipped cars will let drivers block incoming calls and texts with a “Do Not Disturb” button, but the biggest addition is support for a new protocol (MAP) that will allow SYNC to read aloud incoming text messages over Bluetooth.

Future BlackBerry owners will be the first to benefit as RIM is working with Ford to make audible text messaging via SYNC possible. RIM has agreed to implement the Bluetooth standard MAP — Message Access Profile — on new BlackBerry devices moving forward. BlackBerry MAP integration will create an enhanced connection between the smartphone and the SYNC system so that it can read aloud incoming text messages.

Ford’s Bluetooth MAP support means that other mobile device manufacturers can implement MAP to take advantage of the audible text messaging functionality of SYNC. Ford hopes that the hands-free bonuses will encourage other manufactures to adopt the standard as well.

The new version of SYNC — available on 2011 models with MyFord Touch — will also include a “Do Not Disturb” button that will give drivers the ability to block incoming texts and calls, but still make outgoing calls.

This article is published by Mashable, click here to read the original article.

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Who Says SMS is for Teenagers only?

Posted by TeamITI on April 27, 2009

The chart below shows the distribution of SMS users by age. It turns out that 50 percent of SMS users are aged 35 or over, and 75 percent are aged 25 or over. Marketers should avoid pigeonholing mobile as exclusively for youth.

However, marketers should take age-targeting into consideration when running campaigns.


Download the entire article and learn: “More than 50 percent of WAP users are above age 34,and one in 17 WAP users is over 65.”

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2.9 million people received Barack Obama’s vice-presidential pick text message…

Posted by TeamITI on October 16, 2008

This trend, text messaging via SMS (short message service) in recent politics and in business, is a trend that carries major significance: “All of these instances of text messaging as a marketing medium prove that there are, in fact, a number of SMS programs for which a subscriber will provide their cell phone number.” R.J. Talyor, product marketing manager of Indianapolis-based ExactTarget, advises against using SMS for each and every marketing message, but under certain conditions, you might find a highly receptive audience:

Subscriber-centric communications. Even your best customers will hesitate to give you their cell phone numbers. Promising infrequent updates on topics that matter to them, however, will make them more likely to assent.

Early adopter advantage. With an SMS campaign, you’ll get extra points for being on the cutting edge. It would have seemed unimaginative if Obama’s VP pick came by email; even with some of the glitches, the text message garnered lots of interest.

You might not need SMS, Talyor admits. “But with recent, prominent uses of text messaging,” he says, “… every marketer should do their homework in reviewing text messaging as a legitimate messaging medium to add to their marketing strategy.”

No matter a marketer’s current stance on SMS, the message has arrived: SMS should be on the shortlist.  Be an early adopter. Here is an example how a meeting planner can use it for his VERY CAPTIVE audience.

Read the full article: Two Reasons Why SMS Should Be on Your Shortlist.

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“Mobilize” Your Communication at Meetings!

Posted by TeamITI on October 9, 2008

Check out Northern Kentucky’s city guide2go by clicking here to see it on your PC. Then try it on your mobile phone by entering

Meeting attendees going to Northern Kentucky now have a concierge in their pocket!

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