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Posts Tagged ‘mobile market’

Why 2010 will be the year of Mobile Marketing

Posted by TeamITI on December 16, 2009

President of socialvibe, Joe Marchese, shares his forecast for 2010:  The Year Of Mobile — Finally!

2010 will be the year mobile marketing begins to realize the promise marketers have imagined for so long.  What’s different in 2010? The phones are smarter, the networks are faster, an open development ecosystem is leading to faster innovation, and specialty mobile agencies have built up a solid knowledge base of what works.

The phones are not just faster with bigger screens — which would help all by itself — they are more and more commonly location-aware. Even more important, phones users are aware that their phones are aware of their location. Location awareness and faster network speeds are a huge part of why mobile is moving forward, but both would be meaningless without the third ingredient: the opening up of mobile platforms.

2010 will be the year mobile begins to realize its potential for marketers. Mobile as a platform is in the middle hyper-evolution. The ability to utilize mobile for marketing now exists, but it is evolving so fast it’s hard to create best practices that are repeatable. That’s what 2010 will be all about. There will be some huge success in mobile that will point everyone in the right direction.

Read the full article here!

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What lies ahead – the Mobile Market 2010

Posted by TeamITI on December 9, 2009

It’s December, and that means we are already hearing that next year is the year of mobile. Which was the same for 2009, 2008, 2007 . . .

In part, this is being fuelled by recent announcements such as Google’s $750m acquisition of AdMob, not to mention the plethora of new entrants into the mobile market in the last year, such as Dell and Acer with their handset offerings, to name but a few.

However, after a decade or more of unfulfilled expectations, it goes without saying that (Google or no Google) mobile marketing is not going to ‘explode’ next year, or even the year after. Instead, mobile will continue to grow incrementally as a viable marketing channel as more brands and agencies fold it into their marketing mix. Coupled with a significant growth in both mobile internet usage and more advanced behaviours such as video, mobile search, and UGC, the continued evolution of mobile will require the industry to proactively provide consumers with services that are easy to access, relevant, and entertaining.

Mobile has made some big steps in 2009, but let’s build on that momentum, as there’s still plenty of work to be done. With much on the agenda, we’ll say developments right across the industry in the next 12 months, so it’s safe to say that 2010 promises to be yet another exciting year for mobile.

Find the original article on the Diffusion PR Blog.

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