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Posts Tagged ‘mobile marketing campaign’

Mobile Marketing: It’s not just Web Content on a Phone

Posted by TeamITI on April 27, 2009

One of the biggest trends we are seeing in the travel industry is how fast things are moving on the mobile platform. The State of Nevada just launched the mobile visitors guide and we are in the process of developing the State of Georgia’s mobile visitor’s guide.

We are so please that we anticipated this nearly two years ago.

We have developed and launched software to easily and inexpensively create mobile sites for our partner destinations which are supported by dynamic text messaging and other mobile strategies.

Still not sure what the buzz is all about? See the latest release from PhoCusWright on mobile marketing.

This new medium requires a new strategy and message-it’s not just web content on a phone!


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Social Media Survival: Mobile Marketing to the Rescue!

Posted by TeamITI on February 10, 2009

socialmediasurvival1Nevada Blames Economy For New Interest In Mobile

The state of Nevada is facing extreme budget shortfalls, as is the rest of the country, and because of this is recommending a strong push for mobile advertising to help the bottom line. When it comes to marketing, the state is telling its agencies to think of “creative ways to do more with less.” In terms of marketing, there’s no better bang-for-your-buck than with mobile.

Representatives of the tourism department’s marketing staff told the committee they would do more with low-cost social media Web sites such as YouTube, My Space, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, and while this will no doubt help, mobile should be the new center point. Staff members hope to continue development for their mobile Web capabilities that have been making strides for Northern Nevada’s ski industry, and hopes to offer similar mobile Web sites for the state’s golf industry.

Nevada has more or less completely discontinued its budget for TV ads and the large-scale campaigns that Nevada, and especially Las Vegas, have been known for in the past. The mobile approach will save the state a fortune when compared to previous years, and will most likely prove to be more successful in the long run as well.


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Business Technology: New Media, Old Principles

Posted by TeamITI on December 22, 2008

v35Everyone continues to discuss the influence of new media and how it interacts with the customer, particularly on the internet. Many of us still grapple with new terminology such as social media, web 2.0, mobile marketing, blogging and how we can and should integrate these new channels into our overall marketing strategies.

New technology and new media, but old and proven principles prevail!

It all starts with understanding the new customer mindset. And that mindset has changed! Your customers mindset has become focused on interactivity, speed and mobility!

Let’s focus on a couple of examples in the evolving mobile marketing field: With a more than 80% cell phone ownership penetration in the US and the integration of Internet services on handsets, more and more people are spending a lot of time on their mobile phones. “Clip-to-mobile” is just one development that has come to maturity, allowing marketers to distribute coupons directly to mobile phone customers.  With the downturn of the economy, consumers are looking for more discounts and value propositions.

Days Inn (in Georgia and Virginia for this example) has embarked in a full fledged mobile marketing campaign, presenting their hotels along with Days Inn special offers to mobile phone users.

So how can you, as a destination, attraction or lodging establishment build your own mobile marketing campaign?

If you analyze it carefully, you’ll find out that it comes down to proven business and marketing strategies that are and remain the core to any campaign. These business principles have not changed – it is only the distribution environment that has shifted. According to Fast Company’s “Five Steps to a Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaign”, you should pay attention to the following steps when contemplating a mobile marketing strategy:

  1. Who is your target market? (permission based)
  2. What exactly does this market want from you?
  3. What mobile marketing tool will you employ? (mobile web presence, SMS, combination of both etc.)
  4. How are you going to market your campaign? (print, radio, TV, out-of-home, Internet)
  5. What is your yardstick to measure your campaign’s success? (mobile is highly trackable!)

Read the Fast Company article for some more detailed description.

Here are just three of our partner destinations who have already embraced the concept of mobile marketing and integrated into their overall leisure marketing strategies:  Brunswick, GA; Northern Kentucky, KY; Columbus, GA.

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