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Posts Tagged ‘online marketing’

Service-Oriented Advertising?

Posted by TeamITI on March 28, 2009

socialmediaspreadHooman Radfar discusses some interesting ideas about the need of an additional dimension in web metrics.  His key statement in his post:

It’s not just about reach and frequency – it’s about spread.

We are no longer satisfied with reach and frequency as a measurement, but instead we want to know how our messages are spreading and shifting as they make their way through services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. These two shifts should be looked at as parallel. Siloed pages are giving way to connected applications. And impression based programs will eventually give way to programs that leverage the connected nature of those applications to deliver and understand the dissemination of their message.

This all makes sense. The trick is how to go about implementing a strategy.

So the the task at hand his to

  • strategically choose the (brand) message you want to go viral
  • spread that message efficiently on social networks
  • track the distribution of that message

In short: Serving your message strategically throughout social networks = Service Oriented Advertising.

This is now possible as web services are unleashing the next generation of performance-based viral marketing.

Read Radfar’s entire article and comments here.

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Google Rallies Embattled Travel Marketers

Posted by TeamITI on October 10, 2008

More than a hundred travel marketing executives meet at Google’s TravelThink 2008 to offer strategies for boosting business. Here are some of the findings:

  • travel has become a key business category for Google
  • 94% of travel executives said online advertising would provide the strongest return on investment compared to other media in the next 12 months
  • Some 20% of travel advertisers will spend more than $10 million in online marketing this year
  • 50% will spend $1 million dollar or more
  • Google to discuss improving online marketing efforts using Google tools

Among the software that Google is rolling out to help travel advertisers is a tool that suggests appropriate keywords based on spikes in certain search terms. By spotting a rising search term early such as “staycation,” a travel company can develop marketing programs suited to emerging industry trends.

Read the article here.

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