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Posts Tagged ‘texting’

Text messages used to lure restaurant patrons

Posted by TeamITI on February 23, 2009

txtingWith consumers getting deluged with e-mail from marketers, some Long Island restaurateurs are now turning to a new method of getting through to their customers: their cell phones.

Four Food Studio & Cocktail Salon in Melville asks customers to join their list of “valued guests” and provide their phone numbers used for making reservations along with their e-mail addresses. Promising “no spam,” the restaurant wants to inform guests about special events – and those who sign up may win a free lunch.

“We’re all looking for new ways to reach our guests,” said restaurant co-owner Jay Grossman.

Grossman said print advertising and direct mail were costly and in some cases have lost effectiveness. “We’re in the world of cell phones,” he said.

A restaurant light on reservations for the night could send out a message announcing a 50 percent discount on a famous dish or popular red wine, he said. “The reservations pour in after you do a text like that.”

Also, he said customers could also show their cell phone text messages at the door to get a discount on a bottle of wine, for example.

Read entire article here.

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Mobile Messages Gain Awareness

Posted by TeamITI on November 3, 2008

Text is tops as 100 million-plus people are exposed to ads

NEW YORK Awareness of mobile ads has accelerated, per the new Limbo-GfK Technology Advertising Report being released this week. A record 104 million people (or an estimated four in 10 Americans) recalled seeing an ad on their mobile device between July and September — the highest mark since the report was introduced last year.

“Brands are doing more with mobile, spending more,” said Rob Lawson, founder of Limbo, a mobile social networking community. “Only two years ago they didn’t see it as a channel where they would see ads. Now they are increasingly aware. One hundred and four million isn’t the same as TV, but the audience is significant.” The survey was based on responses from 1,000 adults polled via the phone.

Text messaging proved to be the most commonly viewed form of mobile advertising. Sixty million Americans saw a text ad, a 42 percent increase from just nine months ago. “It’s not as glamorous as mobile video, but mobile is still dominated by text. It’s the medium consumers use every day,” said Lawson. Marketers are also embracing text campaigns “because in tight economic times, direct response [media] hold steady or go up.”

Thirty-one million people, meanwhile, viewed mobile Web ads. Despite its smaller reach, companies like Procter & Gamble and American Express are most interested in purchasing mobile banner ads, said John Hadl, CEO of Brand in Hand, which handles mobile buys for both. “It has surpassed SMS as the mobile ad medium of choice. Mobile ads have arrived.”

Men (57 percent) were more likely to view an ad on their mobile device. Fifty-two percent are between the ages of 35-64 and most (68 percent) were Caucasian. It’s not just about early adopters anymore, said Lawson. “As mobile matures as a medium, you can see the demographic profile flattening to look more like the population.”

-By Kenneth Hein, Brandweek

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2.9 million people received Barack Obama’s vice-presidential pick text message…

Posted by TeamITI on October 16, 2008

This trend, text messaging via SMS (short message service) in recent politics and in business, is a trend that carries major significance: “All of these instances of text messaging as a marketing medium prove that there are, in fact, a number of SMS programs for which a subscriber will provide their cell phone number.” R.J. Talyor, product marketing manager of Indianapolis-based ExactTarget, advises against using SMS for each and every marketing message, but under certain conditions, you might find a highly receptive audience:

Subscriber-centric communications. Even your best customers will hesitate to give you their cell phone numbers. Promising infrequent updates on topics that matter to them, however, will make them more likely to assent.

Early adopter advantage. With an SMS campaign, you’ll get extra points for being on the cutting edge. It would have seemed unimaginative if Obama’s VP pick came by email; even with some of the glitches, the text message garnered lots of interest.

You might not need SMS, Talyor admits. “But with recent, prominent uses of text messaging,” he says, “… every marketer should do their homework in reviewing text messaging as a legitimate messaging medium to add to their marketing strategy.”

No matter a marketer’s current stance on SMS, the message has arrived: SMS should be on the shortlist.  Be an early adopter. Here is an example how a meeting planner can use it for his VERY CAPTIVE audience.

Read the full article: Two Reasons Why SMS Should Be on Your Shortlist.

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