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Posts Tagged ‘print advertising’

Solving the Advertising Puzzle – Online, Offline …or Mobile?

Posted by TeamITI on April 7, 2009

puzzleHere you are, having to decide how to distribute your advertising spend among the ever-growing advertising channels:

– Online vs. offline; Print vs. pay-per-click

– Website banners vs. mobile marketing

– TV vs. full page 4-color magazine ad, and so forth…

It would be interesting to see what type of ad gets most of the viewer’s attention. And the findings are interesting, based on a test conducted in a lab setting by McPheters & Company:

  • Within a half hour, magazines effectively delivered more than twice the number of ad impressions as TV and more than 6 times those delivered online
  • Magazines had ad recall almost three times that of Internet banner ads
  • Among web users, 63% of banner ads were not seen. Respondents’ eyes passed over 37% of the Internet ads and stopped on slightly less than a third

According to Scott McDonald, Senior Vice-President of Research for Condé Nast, “Because different media deliver ad impressions at… different rates… time spent with a medium does not translate into value for advertisers… (and) that magazine advertising is undervalued relative to its effectiveness.” (source: MediaPost Research Brief)

Lesson learned? Do not discount one channel over the other, but find the pieces that fit together, much like when you assemble a puzzle.

Mobile marketing integration with SMS call-to-action is just one example that let’s you engage your customers beyond that initial ad impression!

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Publishers Warned Against Consumer Revolt Against Paper

Posted by TeamITI on October 14, 2008

Watch this short speech excerpt from the conference

Watch this short speech excerpt from the conference

With the heightened awareness of climate changes in our world, and with the debate of how much of it is man-made or not, consumers are getting more informed about the issue and also more discerning over time about their choices of consumption.

Case in point: the following prediction was made to publishers attending the American Magazine Conference in October 2008:

“Environmentally-minded Americans will increasingly focus on the connection between the paper-making industry and the problem of global climate change.

Regardless if this prediction is true or not, it is a fact that any business must be aware of possible shifts in consumer behavior and carefully balance its advertising needs between traditional print and newer forms of online and mobile marketing channels.

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