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Archive for the ‘Fun Diversions’ Category

Magic Eraser magically cleans your Apple products and other electronic devices

Posted by TeamITI on August 3, 2010

Besides its usefulness cleaning walls, tables and shoes, theMr. Clean Magic Eraser is excellent at cleaning many Apple products. If your white MacBook is starting to look brown and your Apple iPad Case has stains from who knows where, the Magic Eraser just may be your solution.

The Magic Eraser and similar products are made of Melamine foam and, for consumer household use, acts like extremely fine sandpaper. This allows it to get into tiny grooves and pits to “erase” stains.

Per instructions on the package, just add some water to the Magic Eraser and begin gently — and I repeat, gently — rubbing it on the surface area of what you’re cleaning. As you’re dealing with electronics, it’s a good idea to turn off the device and not use too much water.

With the Magic Eraser, I was able to remove all the grease from my burgers and French fries from my Apple iPad case. It looked almost new again.

Although Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser is one of the more commonly known brands of Melamine foam-based cleaners, others exist. They include the 3M Scotch Brite Easy Erasing Pad and the Nano Sponge. Store brands, which are commonly less expensive, also exist and I’ve found them to work just as well as national brands.

As is the case with cleaning anything expensive, especially electronics, it’d be wise to be extra cautious. This includes test cleaning on a small area, and not over applying water. TUAW assumes no liability for any damage to your equipment caused by the use or misuse of this product.

This article is published by TUAW, click here to read the original article.

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Post Voicemail to Facebook Walls

Posted by TeamITI on June 15, 2010

Facebook users can now record voice messages and post them on the walls of friends through Voice Wall, a newly released service from Users call a designated phone number, select a friend using a touch-tone system, and their voice message appears in a streaming audio player on the friend’s wall. Voice Wall equips Facebook with an intimate communication medium that could prove especially useful to mobile users without a smart phone or data plan.

Voice Wall offers functionality in exchange for a user’s mobile phone number, email address, and constant account access privileges through the Facebook Platform. One shortcoming of the service is that the wall posts contain bland, uninviting auto-populated text which users can’t alter.

Links on the wall posts feed back to’s core product, a question and answer site focused on quickly returning a large volume answers, sometimes at the sake of quality. They also provide a service called fb140, which lets you to quickly find and follow any of your Facebook friends who have Twitter accounts.

Voice Wall’s streamlined interface offers a warm, familiar way to interact with friends in addition to Facebook’s native text, photo, and video. It could facilitate sending very personal birthday messages, or allow users to recount a story with their own vocal inflection. It joins Facebook Text Messages and as a way for mobile users without reliable internet capabilities to interact with the site. While productivity-focused YouMail allows users to save, forward to email or post existing voicemail to their own wall, its complex web interface and lack of sharing options make Voice Wall more versatile when it comes to Facebook.

This article is published by Indside Facebook, please read the original article here.

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Now you can get Android on your iPhone 3G!

Posted by TeamITI on May 7, 2010

Last month when someone got Android running on an old 2G iPhone? Well, the same crowd who were responsible for that have come back with the OS now running on an iPhone 3G. Next stop, 3GS…

The developers over at LinuxoniPhone say they’ve got multitouch and WiFi running for Android on iPhone. But when this was released for 2G iPhones, the modders warned that it would be pretty simple to port it forward to the 3G – whereas the 3GS is going to take a lot more work. So don’t hold your breath.

This article is published by GoMo News, read the original article here.

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Feeding The Content Marketing Dragon

Posted by TeamITI on April 2, 2010

A dragon is a good thing to have. Everyone knows dragons have magical powers. They are wise, although sometimes also vain. Dragons can be fierce protectors, too. The magic of the content marketing dragon is lead generation, lead nurturing, and SEO (especially if your dragon has a long tail.) But if you’re going to own a dragon, you have to feed it. Otherwise, no more fire. No more magic.

Here are a few tips on the proper care and feeding of your dragon:

Appoint a dragon keeper

This is the chief content officer. This person keeps the dragon in line. The keeper needs to be strong, insistent on regular feedings of great content, watchful of mischief and laziness.

Establish a consistent process. Create an editorial calendar to keep you ahead of the game, instead of rushing to identify and produce content under looming deadlines. Allow enough time for content ideation, and build in sufficient time for review and revisions to make the content great. Hold contributors accountable for both quality and deadlines, the same as you would for any of their responsibilities.

Create a team of caretakers

No single mortal can feed the content marketing dragon by himself. (There are some gods, but these are few.) Everyone needs to contribute; everyone needs to learn to cook. The dragon is always hungry.

Share the responsibilities. Identify a group of potential contributors, and ask them what they’re passionate about, what interests them. Writing will come easy if they’re focused on what they love. Meet regularly as a team. Remember to continually recruit new people to create content. This brings fresh ideas and new energy. It’s also a great compliment and opportunity for staff members.

Focus on the customer, not you

Although smart, dragons tend to be vain. They like to look at and talk about themselves. They could care less if anyone is listening. Make sure your dragon serves others and shares his wisdom generously—but in a nice way. Nobody likes a cocky dragon.

Your content marketing efforts are bound to fail if they’re focused on you. If you’re struggling to identify meaningful, valuable content, you’re probably too focused on promotion. What do your customers and prospects need? What would be helpful to them? When you’re focused on what they need, identifying and creating content becomes easy.


Dragons tend to hoard things. Greedy and jealous, they like to keep their jewels in their lair. When developing content, keep your focus on giving, not on what you hope to get. Too many organizations say, “We can’t share that. We can’t give that away.” That mindset limits possibilities and opportunities. I’m convinced that whatever you “give away” you’ll receive five-fold in return.

Groom your dragon’s tail

Content marketing assets are great for organic search. Allow sufficient time prior to release to align content with a keyword strategy for the piece. Make sure you optimize not only for head terms, but also for the long tail. That’s where these assets can really shine. If the full asset is only available with registration, be sure to create a publicly available optimized summary or abstract that can be indexed by the search engines.

Take care of the content marketing dragon, and it will advance and protect your brand. Feed it continually, and it will work its magic to deliver website visitors, generate new leads, and nurture those prospects until they’re ready to buy.

This article is published by Search Engine Land, read the original article here.

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