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Archive for the ‘Customer Relations’ Category

New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products

Posted by TeamITI on July 9, 2010

Where to go when you need a regularly scheduled “chat about Mac” experience? The Apple Friend Bar, of course! The venerable Onion News Network uncovers the key details in this investigative video report.

This video is published by Onion News Network.

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HP Looks to Change the Way We Print

Posted by TeamITI on June 7, 2010

HP has announced a major new initiative and a slew of new devices that enable users to print from any device to a web-enabled printer by simply using email.

The idea – which builds off the Google Cloud Print announcement we saw back in April — starts with giving each printer its own unique email address.

That printer’s owner (and their designated family, friends, and colleagues) can then print documents by sending it an email from a smartphone, from a tablet, or any other device that allows it. Called HP ePrint, the technology eliminates the need for installing drivers and enables a variety of new apps and services.

Why’s HP Doing This?

Beyond selling printers, HP needs to sell ink. With more and more types of documents getting digitized and smartphones replacing former functions of printers (think coupons and tickets), HP needs new ways to drive printer usage.

Web-connected printers fill this need in a few ways. First, they connect to the ever growing cloud for business users and make their lives easier. Second, the email-to-print concept clearly has the potential to drive new kinds of usage, both from business users and consumers who do things like print photos and news. Finally, there’s also opportunities for developers to create sticky apps – perhaps not on the scale we’ve seen in mobile, but with HP betting the future of its printers on web connectivity, you can bet we’ll see some big winners emerge from the developer community.

HP will dive into these topics at a press conference this morning to kick off Internet Week NY, where I’ll be moderating a panel with a number of the players involved in the new ePrint initiative. We’ll try and bring you video of the discussion later on.

This article is published by Mashable, please read the original article here

Practical application ?
Imagine a traveler arriving to check-in at a hotel whereas the hotel can now print the mobile coupon from the travelers phone for tracking purposes

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Ten Ways Social Media Changed Our Thinking in 2009

Posted by TeamITI on December 22, 2009

[tweetmeme source="itimarketing"]

This list was published by David Berkowitz, Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation at digital marketing agency 360i. Find out more about him here

In many ways social media managed to change our thinking about what happened, what’s going on, and how the world’s changing.  This list focuses on 10 ways in particular. Not all are exclusive to the past year, but many of the milestones from the past 12 months may well shape how we perceive the road ahead.

These four are probably the most interesting points in the list for marketers:

Sales: Dell has tracked over $6.5 million in revenue to Twitter. There are several  morals to the story: 1) It’s possible to track sales from Twitter. 2) It’s still in its infancy; Dell earned $61 billion last year, so its Twitter sales will barely cover the Post-it notes used at the 75,000+ employee company. 3) Those are only the direct sales, and every time the press reports on Dell’s model, some consumers will go to Dell’s outlet site without bothering to check what’s happening on Twitter. Bottom line, though, social media is making an impact on sales, and this year we finally started to measure that effect in earnest.

Searching: Google, Yahoo, and Bing committed to giving real-time search valuable real estate in their results pages. Sometimes it will be higher up and sometimes further down, and it will surely be much bigger than Twitter, but now it’s here. Most people aren’t going to think to search Twitter or Facebook or Foursquare, but they will visit Google or Yahoo or Bing, and they’ll access the real-time links if they’re relevant. We’re still learning when it’s relevant, but there’s little doubt now that it matters.

Local marketing: So, how did you find out about that restaurant? Did you see a special for mayors on Foursquare? Did a friend check in via Gowalla and share it as their Facebook status? Were you walking down the street with your iPhone out while you augmented reality with Yelp’s Monocle or Urbanspoon’s Scope? Okay, augmented reality may be more gimmicky, but the social services are starting to help people find each other — and help people find local hot spots. The fusion of mobile, social and local started to create real opportunities to change consumer behavior. What was true for early adopters in 2009 will apply to the fast followers in the year ahead.

News-sourcing: Journalists were among the first to embrace Twitter. Will they similarly lead the charge with Google Wave? They’re starting to, anecdotally at least. Mashable loves covering these stories, from the Seattle Times posting a Wave to find a suspected cop killer to town squares hosted by the Austin American-Statesman. Google Wave itself may or may not be the platform of the future, but it’s opened the door to news ways for the media to interact with their audience.

Six more in the list:

Democracy: The Green Revolution, Iran’s populist attempt to reject the summer’s election results, was a global eye-opener for how a tool like Twitter — so easily dismissed as frivolous — could change the world…..

Death: We now mourn in public. Michael Jackson inspired millions — billions? — to grieve openly….

Celebrity Access: In January, Ashton Kutcher joined Twitter. He was followed by Ellen DeGeneres in March and Oprah in April….

Fan participation: This summer, two amazing events happened in the arts world simultaneously…..

Gift giving: Thought you were doing something special for a Facebook friend by giving them one of those little icons as a gift?….

Gaming: In November 2009, over 6 million gamers (and their loved ones) bought the blockbuster “Modern Warfare 2.” That same month, about 70 million gamers played “Farmville”….

For more details and the original article please click here!

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What to Tweet?

Posted by TeamITI on July 6, 2009

twitterby Dave Morgan Mediapost’s Online Spin

It’s hard — if not impossible — to escape Twitter these days. Not only has it been in the spotlight for its role in the aftermath of the election in Iran, but it’s on magazine covers, CNN and trade publications virtually every day. Is it overhyped? I don’t think so.

I started using Twitter several months ago and now believe that it is a critical tool for senior execs in emerging markets — certainly for those working in the media and marketing world. You can reach and involve so many critical folks so quickly, no other communication tool or platform comes close.

So, you’re ready to jump in and use Twitter, or ready to go from lurking to participating. What should you Tweet? Here are my thoughts:

  • Conferences. This one is easy for business execs. Tweeting about conferences you’re attending and insights that you hear from speakers not only connects you with peers at the event, but also provides a valuable service to those who aren’t there.

  • Questions. The Twitterari love to help each other. If you need something or have a question you need to answer, ask the community!

  • Opinions. Whether you want to float a trial balloon or find similarly minded folks, Twitter is a great place to do it.

  • What you are doing. This can be overdone, but it can add a degree of humanity to your communcations and Twitter realionships, helping you find others who share your interests.

  • Engage in a conversation. This is the best part. Twitter can enable you to talk online communities with Craig Newmark or venture capital with Fred Wilson. You only get what you contribute, but the exchanges can be extraordinary.

  • Announcements. Twitter can be a critical component of your trade publicity activities. But don’t abuse it — make sure that the news matters and that your community cares.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it should help you get started. For those of you who Twitter, use the Comments section here to tell us how you like to use it.

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