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Posts Tagged ‘upwardly mobile’

Upwardly Mobile

Posted by TeamITI on October 27, 2008

Wherever you turn, reading about mobile technology, it is clear that the mobile phone has gained a whole new level of importance: being connected at any time, any place with access to anyone and any information needed. In many ways, our younger generation already lives in that new information paradigm. (my teenage kids text instead of call, look up what movies are playing on the phone, send photos to each others phone via bluetooth… and the list goes on and on.)

So what is going on in the business world? Are executives embracing this evolving communications medium? Well, some do and some do not yet; but surveys and current trends point to the direction of full integration of mobile technology within the next 8 years.

While the Internet and computers have won much of the credit for improving productivity, especially wireless telecommunications has become an essential component in generating productivity gains in business. It enables faster and more efficient decision-making and improvements in dissemination of information to stakeholders.

In the business travel arena, corporate travel managers ought to embrace this technology as a major factor to gain efficiencies. A survey conducted by Amadeus has revealed that corporate travel managers are aware that mobile technology is the future of business travel yet few have done anything about it.

Amadeus interviewed 72 travel managers across the world for it Upwardly Mobile survey (click it and download the full report). Here are just two key findings about advantages mobile technology would offer them:

  • tracking and communication of travelers for security purposes
  • boosting travelers compliance levels, aollowing them to make travel changes on the fly from their mobile phones

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