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Mobile Web 2.0 Market to Reach $19B

Posted by TeamITI on March 18, 2010

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The mobile web 2.0 market, currently valued at $5 billion, will reach almost $19 billion by 2014, according to a new study from Juniper Research.

“Mobile Social Web 2.0: Forecasts, Challenges & Regulations 2010-2014” defines web 2.0 as primarily consisting of social web, geolocation and presence. Social web includes applications for community, social gaming, blogging, dating and chatting, which can be free or paid.

Although location- and presence-based services naturally intertwine with social web applications, Juniper analysts predict these will remain service enablers, rather than direct revenue streams. Juniper sees the mobile phone as a central catalyst for web 2.0, because it is carried with the user at most times, is ideally placed to capture information at its source, and is a key enabled of user-generated content and social web interaction.

Social Web will Drive Mobile Web 2.0 Tech Adoption

Growth in mobile adoption of Web 2.0 is a global phenomenon, and growth accelerated significantly in the second half of 2009, with many service providers reporting double-digit increases in monthly unique users and page impressions and views.

Social web services will be one of the key drivers of the mobile web 2.0 technology market, Juniper predicts, with many providers offering native web 2.0 smartphone apps. The rise in the number of mobile subscribers accessing web 2.0 is creating a boom in mobile browsing, data and messaging traffic.

Contextual and location-based advertising, combined with premium services and virtual goods, are expected to set the mobile web 2.0 market apart from the desktop web 2.0 market. Juniper analysts also suggest that mobile subscribers are more willing to pay for services and already have a billing mechanism in place.

Presence Will Maintain Leading Share of Mobile Web 2.0 Market

Looking at projections of how the mobile web 2.0 market will grow between today and 2014, it is clear that for the most part, the three revenue streams of presence, social web and dating/chat/professional applications will keep their current shares of the market proportional as their overall revenue numbers increase.

Mobile Facebook, Twitter Growth Explodes

Mobile usage of leading social web sites Facebook and Twitter is already booming, according to recent research from comScore. In January 2010, 25.1 million mobile users accessed Facebook via their mobile browser, up 112% from 11.8 million mobile users in January 2009. While only 4.7 million mobile users accessed Twitter from their mobile browser in January 2010, this represented 347% growth from 1.05 million mobile users in January 2009

This article is published by MarketingVOX, read the original article here.


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