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Travel industry trend: Mobile Marketing for hotels

Posted by TeamITI on December 10, 2009

Hotels increasingly notice the importance of a proper mobile marketing strategy for their business. In the artice “Making mobile work for your hotel” states:

“Mobile mania is upon us, and as each year passes, consumers are becoming more and more reliant on mobile technology, only not just for the purpose of making calls anymore.

A recently published New York Times travel article, “Apps for the iPhone: A Traveler’s Companion, Pocket Size” summed up the growing dependence on these digital companions, likening them to an extra appendage that we can no longer live without.

And so is the case for millions of other mobile users. The fact is, we live in a connected world, and consumers expect an array of capabilities from their phones while in-transit. We want them for the convenience of day-to-day tasks, such as paying bills from the airport, we want them to entertain us while we are stuck commuting, we want them to make suggestions on where to eat or stay when we visit new locations, and now more than ever, we need them to make purchases while we are on the go. Consumers are already using the technology, so it is imperative to reach them where they are looking using the bevy of available mobile marketing tools to ensure that your brand is getting the attention you desire.”

Find the original article here!

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