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ITI Marketing Recommends – Internet Marketing Bootcamp

Posted by TeamITI on October 29, 2008

Susan Sweeney’s 2-Day Internet Marketing Bootcamp – November 6-7, 2008

Susan Sweeney's Internet Marketing Bootcamp

Make More Money On The Internet –
Learn How At Susan Sweeney’s Internet
Marketing Bootcamp!

This is it! There is no other Internet
Marketing Bootcamp
gives you EVERYTHING
you need to know about being successful
! In just 16 hours you will walk away with solid
Internet marketing information that will set your business on fire!

Today, Mark
Your Calendars and Make Your Plans For

November 6th & 7th
– In Nashville, Tennessee

Susan Sweeney, E-Business expert, best-selling author of “101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site” and “3G Marketing on the Internet” and speaker at over 40 conferences annually, is putting on the Internet Marketing Bootcamp of
the season!

Susan has designed and developed this Bootcamp for YOUthe business professional, inresponse to the many requests she has received over the last year for detailed training in the area of marketing online.

Give Me Two Days in Nashville, Tennessee and I’ll Show You The
and Strategies That I Have Personally Used to Get a #1 Ranking With The
Search Engines And A Whole Lot More!

  • A clear formula for online success that details everything you need to know, step-by-step, and in plain English!
  • All the information, tools, techniques and strategies you need
  • Techniques to drive thousands more targeted visitors to your site
  • Up to date information on all of the latest Internet marketing techniques including podcasting, videocasting, blogs, wikis, social
    media, mobile marketing, e-zines, virtual tours and much, much more!
  • All attendees receive a 200+ page Bootcamp Binder with dynamite content.

Susan Sweeney Internet Marketing Books
Register Online Today

This Bootcamp is designed specifically for business professionals, to provide you with the necessary education and skills
to maximize your business opportunities online.

Participate in the Internet Marketing Bootcamp and leave with the valuable knowledge and skills you can begin using immediately to increase your business.

Whether you want to effectively market your operation online or build a dynamite Web site from the ground up, the Internet
Marketing Bootcamp
will provide you with the proven tips, tools, techniques, resources and strategies you need to grow your business!

The Bootcamp Binder alone is worth the fee of attending!

This event Is NOT

For Everyone

Here are 4 qualifications you must meet in order to attend:
  1. You must be committed to your own success. You must be willing to follow-through and take the necessary actions.

  2. You must not be selling anything illegal or immoral. The Internet Marketing Bootcamp was not designed to help anyone swindle or con others. It’s not designed to help anyone break the law, lie, cheat or steal.

  3. You must be able to act FAST. We only have a limited number of seats still available and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

  4. You must be willing to invest in yourself. Your Internet Marketing Bootcamp investment is only $997 ($897 until October 15) to attend. Considering the value it represents, anyone who is really serious about online success
    should be jumping on this opportunity.

Where and When

The Gaylord Opryland Resort &
Convention Center

Opryland Resort2800 Opryland Drive

Nashville, TN 37214

Phone:(615) 883-2211

Rate: $144.00 for hotel

We have made arrangements with the Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN to host our bootcamp.

This Gaylord Opryland Resort Hotel is the flagship property of the Gaylord
Hotels family. It features 2,881 stylish guest rooms
and every room features high-speed wireless Internet access and two phones, including one cordless.

Opryland Resort AtriumYou’ll be amazed at the nine acres of indoor gardens, cascading waterfalls and an indoor river with its own Delta Flatboat.

We have arranged an exclusive discount for staying at the resort during the bootcamp at a highly reduced rate of only $144.00

Register Online Today

Once you are registered, we will send you your Opryland Resort discount code!

What People Are Saying

“I attended a bootcamp in Nashville about four years ago, and I have attended Susan’s programs at the state tourism meeting in North Carolina. Today, I maintain 30 web sites that I’ve built and Google loves them all, sending lots of traffic. I’ve attended many other SEO training programs, including a major one in Chicago for the “big players”. None has come close to the quality and quantity of practical advice that I’ve received from Susan. As a “little” guy that builds web sites for small tourism businesses, I can relate to and easily use the information that Susan shares. I can’t wait until the next bootcamp in Nashville, since Internet marketing has changed a lot in four years! “

Mark File,

“I learned so many things that will help make my site faster, nicer looking, get higher search engine rankings, attract more customers, bring them back, etc. I was very happy with the step-by-step descriptions of most sections. It really makes see how manageable everything can be and that you don’t have to be an expert tohave an attractive, high traffic site. I think there’s a lot of information I will be able to takeback and use immediately. Susan treated everyone with respect and answered andencouraged questions. A lot of energy!”

– Debbie Gibb, Travel Adventures

“My choice to attend your Internet Marketing Bootcamp was clearly the best decision I’ve made. I flew all the way from Toronto, Canada to hear you speak in Mobile, Alabama and I’m glad I did. Insightful and entertaining, I give you 5 Stars+ for the event – very professional. Your use of concrete examples, an extensive resource binder, and your own personal experience allowed even the most novice of attendees to easily grasp the concepts necessary to creating a better, more
successful Internet presence. I can honestly say that you impressed me more than any other person I’ve met in the industry in this area. I had nearly six years of practical Internet marketing experience before your conference – as much as I knew, I still learned more.”

Brad Tully, The
Cruise Professionals

“I learned a lot! I thought by looking at the agenda that I knew most of this,  but I didn’t.

It exceeded my expectations. It really reinforced things that I knew hadto be done but wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. I’m hoping to take this knowledge back to our whole web and marketing team. Excellent, Excellent.”

Mary Bishop, Virginia Tourism

“Excellent. You exceeded expectations and the expectations were high.

You’ve given us a tremendous amount of info which was great. Your enthusiasm was tremendous. I admire how you continued to demonstrate your passion for all subjects throughout the 2 days! What a great job.”

Tom Ridgeway, Hilton Head Golf
& Rentals

“Great take home value – I have a list of 60 things to do tomorrow. Lots of energy!”

Blaine Lansberry, Bahama House

Register Online Today

Bootcamp Daily Agenda


Bootcamp Binder Review/Agenda Review
Common E-Business Myths and Realities
  • Web developer? Marketing? IT? The real deal on who is responsible for what
  • The top 10 Internet marketing myths revealed and the realities provided

  • Web Site Design/Development
  • The 10 step process to design and develop your Web site right the first time
  • The important questions you need to ask before you choose your web developer
  • The framework to work effectively with your Web developer
  • The critical areas of expertise required to build a dynamite Web presence

  • Web Site Objectives Discussion
  • Why defining objectives is critical to getting the right web site
  • Six objectives you should always have for your web site

  • Target Markets Discussion
  • How to make sure all your target markets are included
  • How to identify appropriate web site elements for each target market
  • What is “WOW” factor?

  • How to do your Competitive Analysis
  • Why your online competitor and your offline competitor are not the same
  • How to find your online competitors
  • How to reverse-engineer your competitor’s site
  • The 5 step process to do your competitive analysis

  • Developing Your Web Site Storyboard
  • Learn the importance of storyboarding your Web site
  • Learn how to develop your site storyboard
  • What critical reviews are needed and why

  • Coffee Break
    Designing your site to be Search
    Engine Friendly
  • Learn how Search Engines really work
  • Discover the Secrets of Search Engine Success
  • Learn the proven Methodology to make your site Search Engine friendly (Check the term tourism Internet marketing in Yahoo and Google to see how many of the top 10 positions are Susan Sweeney or her book
    Internet Marketing for Your Tourism Business
  • The key elements in the Search Engine ranking criteria
  • How to reverse-engineer your competition to see how they got the Search Engine
    placement they did
  • How to determine your most important keywords
  • Learn about meta tags – why they are important, which ones are important, and how to develop them (in plain
  • Learn about Headers, Alt & Title tags and their importance with Search Engine ranking
  • The importance of Link popularity and Link relevancy and specific link strategies to maximize your Search Engine ranking
  • Tips to ensure the Search Engines crawl 100% of your site

    Can’t be found? Seven reasons why you might not be included in Search Engine results

  • Design your pages to dominate ranking
  • The one critical element that most people (even the pros) miss when optimizing their site for Search Engines
  • How to choose the Keywords that are best for attracting YOUR target market
  • Learn what questions to ask Search Engine Placement firms that promise top Search Engine ranking before you consider big dollars

  • Submitting to Search Engines and
  • Learn all about pay-per-click search engine and how you can pay your way to the top without losing your shirt
  • How the Pay-To-Play systems work
  • The latest Pay-To-Play strategies

    Learn the 4-step methodology to maximize your Pay-To-Play results

    How to Pay-To-Play with a limited budget

  • Learn all about paid placement enhanced listing and expedited reviews
  • Learn how to optimize your ad copy to get more click-thrus
  • Learn all about recent changes with major impact in Search Engine placement and cost to participate

  • Lunch
    Web Site Repeat Traffic Generators
  • What are repeat traffic generators and how to identify the types of repeat traffic generators that will work best with your target market.
  • Identify the many types of repeat traffic generators and how to leverage, leverage, leverage them for the maximum marketing value
  • What is channel conflict and why it is critical to make sure you don’t have it
  • The value of “Calls to Action
  • The 4 essentials for every repeat traffic generator
  • Partnering to maximize the benefits of your repeat traffic generators
  • 3 no-brainer cross promotion opportunities
  • Opportunities to provide member benefits, repeat traffic, significant link popularity and link relevancy with one technique
  • Tips to leverage your exposure and traffic by branding or syndication
  • How to monitor and measure the results of your repeat traffic generators
  • The 6 greatest missed opportunities with repeat traffic generators

  • Permission Marketing
  • Why permission marketing is a critically important element in Internet marketing
  • What is permission marketing and how permission marketing works
  • The 10 critical elements to successful permission marketing
  • How to incorporate permission marketing effectively throughout your web site
  • How to incorporate permission marketing through other sites that have your
    target market as their visitors
  • How to incorporate permission marketing offline
  • What’s happening these days with opt-in, opt-out and double opt-in
  • Get the latest on the anti-spam laws in plain English
  • 20-40% of legitimate emails are being filtered out – 16 Tips on how to stay under the spam radars with your permission based marketing
  • The 5 greatest missed opportunities with permission marketing

  • Viral Marketing
  • What is viral marketing and how to use it effectively throughout your web site
  • Why viral marketing is a strategic element in Internet marketing
  • How viral marketing works – tips, tools and resources available online to make it easy for you
  • How you can incorporate viral marketing through your outbound Internet
    marketing activities
  • The 5 greatest missed opportunities with viral marketing

  • Blogs & Wikis
  • What are blogs and what is the application in your business
  • What are wikis
  • What technology is used to implement a blog on my site
  • How often do these need to be updated
  • What content works best

  • RSS Feeds
  • What are RSS feeds and what is their application in your operation
  • What technology do I need to implement RSS feeds
  • what technology do subscribers need to access my information
  • The 5 benefits o RSS feeds

  • Podcasting & Videocasting
  • What is podcasting
  • What is videocasting
  • How to use podcasting and videocasting as an effective marketing tool

  • Mobile Marketing
  • What is mobile marketing
  • What re the leading operations doing with mobile marketing
  • What is this 3G stuff all about? How soon will it be prevalent? what do I have to get ready for?

  • Consumer Generated Media (CGM)
  • What is CGM
  • What is CGM important
  • The effects of CGM on your corporate reputation
  • Where do you find CGM

  • Social Networking
  • What is social networking
  • Can social networking benefit my business
  • Where and how do I do social networking

  • Social Bookmarking
  • What is social bookmarking
  • How do I offer it on my site

  • Wrap-Up/Q&A


    Your Internet Marketing Strategy
  • How to select the appropriate Internet Marketing techniques to include in your strategy
  • Learn a 6 step methodology to develop an effective Internet Marketing Strategy
  • How to measure your success
  • How to organize your Internet Marketing activities to ensure everything gets done
  • Tips on what to outsource and what to do in-house

  • E-mail, signature files,
    Auto responders
  • The life cycle of an e-mail
  • 10 essential tips on creating effective e-mail messages
  • What is a signature file and how do I use it to my best advantage
  • 5 tips on leveraging your “tag line”
  • Why you should stay away from BCC
  • How to advertise when advertising isn’t allowed
  • How to synchronize your marketing message through signature files
  • What are Auto responders and sequential auto responders? How do they work? What do they cost? How do I use them for greatest impact?

  • Private Mail List Marketing
  • The 23most important features you should know about before selecting your mail list software
  • How to build your massive permission based list via the “Big 10
  • How to write messages that will be read
  • How to learn more about your recipients interests and build their profile
  • How to nurture your customer list
  • What a Call-to-Action (CTA) is, why you need it, what type of CTAs work best and where you should put it on your website and email promotion
  • How often should you communicate with your list
  • When TO send and when NOT TO send communication to your list
  • How to manage, cleanse and promote your list
  • 3 critical things you need to be doing with your private mail list
  • CRM and its importance with our mail list
  • 7 testing strategies to improve your response rates
  • 6 rates or ratios you need to measure to improve your response rates
  • Learn all about the new anti-spam legislation (in plain English)
  • How to check if your emails will actually reach your prospects before you send it
  • Learn how spam filters work
  • 16 tips to stay underneath the spam radar
  • What impact are the spam filters having on my mail list marketing

  • Public Mail List Marketing
  • What are Publicly Accessible Mail Lists and how to find appropriate publicly accessible mail lists for your marketing effort
  • The 4 critical elements to Public Mail List marketing
  • Mail list netiquette

  • Direct Mail List Marketing
  • What are Direct e-mail lists?
  • How do direct e-mail list companies work?
  • What does this cost?
  • Tips on converting Direct e-mail list subscribers to your private mail list subscribers

  • Coffee Break
    Newsgroup Marketing
  • What are newsgroups, discussion group and forums
  • How you find appropriate groups and forums for your business
  • 5 ways to use groups for your benefit
  • What is lurking and why is it important
  • 2 ways to advertise when advertising isn’t allowed
  • The 3 biggest mistakes you can make participating in groups
  • Newsgroup netiquette

  • Link Strategies
  • What do the terms link popularity and link relevancy mean
  • Which search engines use link popularity and link relevancy in their search engine ranking criteria
  • Two 7-step strategies provided to you step-by-step to significantly increase the number of relevant links to your site
  • 6 tips to increase the number of links to your site from your site content
  • Strategies to impact your link relevancy score
  • How to enable linking to your site anytime of the day or night effortlessly

  • Meta-Index Listings
  • What are Meta-Indexes, and why they are important
  • 5 benefits of Meta-Index listings
  • How to find appropriate meta-indexes
  • 4 things to consider when evaluating fee-based meta-indexes

  • Online Advertising
  • What is keyword banner advertising? Geo-targeted banner advertising?
  • Where to spend a limited advertising budget. What Not to waste money on
  • Discover the 4 advantages online advertising has over offline advertising
  • 5 tips to create a banner ad that will generate great results
  • How to determine whether you should use an online advertising agency
  • The good, the bad and the ugly about banner advertising pricing

  • Award Programs
  • What are the benefits of having an “award winning” site
  • How to find online awards
  • 6 steps to hosting your own awards program and the 5 major benefits to hosting it

  • Media Relations
  • How to develop your online media strategy
  • The 8 elements of successful digital press or news releases
  • How and when to distribute your release
  • 12 tips from journalists on how to get their attention
  • Why a Media Center is an important element of your site
  • How to develop your online Media Center
  • The 12 elements every Media Center should include

  • E-zines/Online Publications
  • What are e-zines?
  • Which is better e-mail based e-zines or web based e-zines?
  • How to find the e-zines that appeal to your target market
  • The 6 advantages to e-zine participation
  • 5 ways to participate in e-zines
  • 4 tips on making the most of your e-zine participation
  • 7 guidelines for e-zine advertising
  • How to start your own e-zine

  • Lunch
    Web Rings

  • What are Web Rings and how do they work?
  • How do I participate and what will it cost?
  • 6 benefits for Web Rings users and 3 major benefits for Web Ring participants.
  • Partnering
  • 3 key criteria when evaluating strategic partners
  • 6 great Partnering Opportunities presented in a step-by-step format

  • Revenue Generation/Member Benefits
  • 17 Revenue generation or additional member benefit opportunities

  • Affiliate Programs
  • What is Affiliate Marketing? What are Affiliate Programs and How do they work?
  • What decisions do I need to make?
  • Where do I find affiliates?
  • What are the 3 major benefits to having an affiliate program?
  • How can I participate in other affiliate programs to generate revenue?

  • Coffee Break
    Web Traffic Analysis
  • What is web traffic analysis software and how do I access and use it?
  • What kind of information can I access from these reports?
  • Which web traffic reports are most important

  • Web Metrics
  • How can I measure my online success?
  • What web metrics or measurements are important?
  • I will walk you step-by-step through the following calculations:
  • ·

    Conversion Ratio

    · CPV – Cost per visitor

    · CPS – Cost per sale

    · NPPS – Net profit per sale

    · ROI – Return on Investment

    Offline Promotion
  • How to effectively use offline promotion promote your Web Site
  • Wrap Up/Q&A/Graduation from

    Wrap up/Question & Answer/Graduation from Bootcamp

    Register Online Today

    Register Today!

    All Bootcamp attendees will receive a FREE 1/2-hour consultation with an Internet marketing consultant to review your Web site and provide you with valuable feedback!

    How to register for the Bootcamp:

    1. To register by phone call our TOLL FREE number: 1.888.274.0537 or 902.468.2578

    2. Register online here

    3. To register by fax or snail mail, please go the site:


    Contact us via email:

    Or call Toll Free: 1.888.274.0537

    Or: 1.902.468.2578

    now to avoid

    Space is limited and once the seats are gone, they’re gone!

    visit our Web Site at


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